A reason for Gen X to come back to Mtv?

What’s this? Mtv, the cultural feeding tube for teens of an entire generation. A tube that was confusingly reformulated with a regurgitated reality mixture, quickly informing generation X that their time to leave the nest had come.

Yes, Mtv has revived its original soul, this time on “the” tubes…an the service seems really cool.

Embed, add to Facebook, vote up or down. The new Mtv has all the hallmarks of social media.

how long before the reality denizens of The Hills(etc) infiltrate and ruin it?

A reason for Gen X to come back to Mtv?

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  2. The tubes are pretty easy to do or well boorrw , if that’s so. Also the basic setup for the light and environment is not not too much of a deal. The badger in the hole, is to get the tubes to react to the music without touching each other. I guess it could be done with as mentioned xpresso, mograph and some dynamics. (Pretty much selfexplaning but nice to brainstorm). Sound reactor yes. Okay let’s give this a try This got me going wild!

    Rony November 13, 2015 at 7:21 am #
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