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Text ‘casey’ to 50500 – takes aim at analog business cards.

Beware business cards, there is a new player at the table, and it’s pretty hot. is a new web app in alpha that hopes to catch the ole handshake networking game up to the 21st century. No more stacks of analog business cards, use and get the digits electronically.
Basically, just tell the new friend to text ‘youraccountname’ to 50500 and in a few minutes they get a text back with all your contact info on it (or whatever other message you want to throw in there I suppose.)

I have tried this service a few times with contacts recently, the most common response: “whut?”

It might take a bit for people to warm to the concept, but it seems perfectly suited to the mobile, connected, world were in today.

I love the idea, and I have been wishing for a business card alternative for a while now. They just don’t make sense with my workflow and I usually just ask the person to email me. I use cards as a friendly reminder to hand over to new acquaintances or client prospects but I fully expect about a 50% effectiveness rate with these. I usually email follow up with new contacts so they have all my contact info. is fun and novel now an I look forward to going to a trade show or event to really put it to the test.

GMail added an interactive favicon

gmail interactive favicon

gmail interactive favicon

My first response…”how the heck did they do that!!??”

Second response…”thanks! This is great!”

If you are like me you are a multi-tab firefox browser. It is great to have this new dynamic favicon letting me know when I have new mails subtly. It updates as soon as new mails show up in my inbox.

I can now stay more focused on what I am working on and only occasionally glance over at the icon to see if I need to check the inbox.

Thanks again GMail!